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Important Update

I am closing all services of this blog, due to mental harassment. Shweta Malik and Yasir Khalil Done fraud with me on behalf of Zorro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with help of Manish Tomar and left me blank with last warning on phone call. "All E-mails and Recording available". Kindly do not contact me for your advisory. Also beware of frauds and meet with person face to face before paying anything.




Visit Our official Website here.

Kindly send appointment form to take appointment for office visit and consulting.

Contact: 8571034405/9468449371. Our official mail ID is and

Visit our official website


New Update

Thanks for visiting D Elite Data Entry Process. Due to update in our services/policies we also have updated information on our website. Now you can reach directly to actual source of work at just 8750/- for 1 year. So want to start a real and genuine process just call 08571034405/09468449371 or mail me on

Last Chance to Register Before Package Changes

Last Chance to Register Before Package Changes
Last Chance to Register Before Package Changes

Last chance for service registration before next financial year starting (Registration start on 5-March-2018 and Last Date 30-March-2018)

Hope you will read it carefully and take proper benefit. Go to contact us for address and contact details.

Dear online visitors you may be first time visiting this blog or you are a regular tracker of our informational blog. Many people got free help as well as paid help from this blog. Now this is the most important update of this financial year.

My name is Deepak and I am a freelancer business consultant running this blog since 2011. I am also Director of "Ran Singh IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.". Ran Singh Rana is the name of my late Grandfather.
He given me vision of helping peoples, but in 21st century if someone provide free help than people don't take it seriously.

So I started paid consulting service with a minimum charge of Rs. 1000/- per person for 2 hrs. Meeting. This amount is applicable for maximum 2 meetings or maximum 4 Hrs.

Download Appointment form from here and mail at Meeting will be confirmed after 50% of consulting fee deposit/transfer in company's A/c. if my consulting fees is very high for you or I am seems like another fraud to you than kindly block this blog as many people done in 2011/12/13/14/15/16/17 but they all are coming back after loosing money with other service providers.

In past 7 years I got huge experience of dealing/working with genuine as well as frauds persons. In today's online market there are lots of scammers trying to cheat innocent peoples. Many of them lost there career, money, job, credibility due to scams.

Last time while outsourcing my own testing purpose database creation project I got in touch with a huge 420 group that working from Gurugram (Gurgaon, Haryana) and also connections in Pune (Maharashtra). After this scam I decided to come openly against these DATA ENTRY/BPO/Call Center related scams. On personal grounds I am ready with evidences against many fraud companies.

For this purpose I need your support in every aspect. If you also cheated by any company than share all the details with me. I am providing 100% guaranty if your side is genuine than I will provide every kind of support to you and you will defiantly get justice either from mutual resolution or from Honorable Court.

As far as concern of heading of this post "Last Chance to Register Before Package Changes", Our company will upgrade all service packages, time period and charges for our service from new financial year.

So if you want to test/check our service than you can register with our basic two month's service package at just Rs. 5900/- including GST.

If this fee seems costly to you than no need to worry, I am providing you a very genuine procedure as given below.

1. Take appointment for face to face meeting in our office.
2. Visit our office, pay consulting charge 1000/-, know and watch the truth.
3. If you satisfied than register with our basic service package.
4. Consulting fee will be adjusted in Basic Support fee Rs. 5900/-.
5. Do the whole procedure and get genuine work.

Important:- For more important information scroll down on mobile/laptop/PC.

This procedure is genuine because a person can see the genuineness only in face to face meeting. If you are not an expert than you can bring your lawyer or any other expert.

All I have is truth and helping hand and as per my experience a person or business can grow only with these two essential things. If you already visited my office and met me face to face than I request you to comment below and share your experience.

Our new registration service is currently not available because I am busy in some legal formalities.

After this time period we (me and my team) will change our service criteria with different time period and charges. Service package registered in this time duration will get TAX invoice of "Ran Singh IT Solutions (P) Ltd" along with 2 Month's Service Level Agreement (SLA).

One proof of genuineness of our service : In the working of above 7 years there is only one complaint against me on whole internet and that is also without name and details of complainer. If someone is cheated and he don't have guts to come openly than anyone can understand that he/she is just a hater.

Second proof of our genuineness: I have refunded money of many peoples from my pocket, when I came to know that the person/company to whom, money for project given is run away or was a fraud.

I have published the name of persons and company who done fraud with me in sidebar of this blog, with heading "IMPORTANT UPDATE".

If you are not able to come and meet face to face than Skype/whats app/video call can be used for same purpose after 4-March-2018.

Imp: - I am strict about business hours, timing and procedure because discipline and strictness to own rules is also a key of success. I prefer only to contact those persons who provided there contact details via e-mail, contact form, online/offline chat form or called/messaged on given mobile numbers. I rarely use Whatsapp. so don't wait for reply there and drop me your e-mail address and message on mobile numbers.

If you found this information truthful than you can support me by right now by below given procedure.

1. Open Google Search.

2. Search "D Elite Soft Sonipat".

3. Rate us 5 star in google reviews.

4. Share url of this post on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus)


5. Now you done. Your support can help many needful persons to connect with the best.

6. You can take advantage of free tender/project information posted on this blog to apply directly.

Office Address and contact details :

For Appointment

E-Mail -,

Phone :- 9468449371, 8571034405 (Kindly call in office time only)

Consulting Office

D Elite Info-tech
Street. 2, Jeevan Vihar
Sonipat, Haryana - 131001
Near Maharaja Agrasen chowk

Office Time - Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM

Skype - deliteinfotech

Kindly click on the link and read full information if you want a real and genuine work.

Visitors of our blog are suggested to check terms and conditions of using our services

Currently Available Project Details

Currently Available Project Details
Currently Available Project Details

Here is currently available projects and tender details

Written by:

Note : You can get all the details after sign up with any of our subscription package. We provide full support in application and bidding procedure. You can also get direct client details after registration.

NOTE : We have ready to start Database creation project available with no heavy documentation or experience requirement. You can check details here. Any center located in India can start this work within 7 working days.

1. Latest Data typing project - (First Come First Get) Ready to start.

2. ICAR KARNAL Digitization work - (Last Date to Apply 05-Mar-2018 11:00 AM).

3. Manpower Supply and other tenders available for Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh.

There are many more tenders updating soon. So register with us and grow your business opportunity.

For above given projects/tenders you need to send application/bid. You can start any of below given project immediately. Contract will be signed with D Elite/Ran Singh IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Project With Immediate Signup Facility

1. Latest Data typing project - (First Come First Get) Ready to start with.

2. Back End Outbound Sales and Support Campaign. (Start with 5 systems)

All closed projects are assigned under Closed Lable

We are glad to launch our business relationship program for startup companies. We are giving every IT startup company to join our brand to get more business and boost your opportunities for success. To join our brand as franchisee or business associate mail us at 


Here is something that you must to know about D Elite Soft.

D Elite Soft is an informational service provider consultancy . Our vision is to make scam free data entry,BPO  Govt. Project outsourcing industry. So we found a better way, why to take process from vendors (here vendor preferred to those companies who do not provide direct source of work) if you can get process directly from company. If you got work than you become the vendor. And you can outsource work if allowed from the work provider Company/Organization.

All you need to do is get information of available projects and apply for them. D Elite soft help you to get genuine information of available process and apply procedure.

How to register :-

1. Download Registration Form.
2. First of all take printout of page 1 and page 2 (You can send filled soft copy word file)
3. Fill all fields with blue pen. Watch specimen copy for instructions on page 4.
4. Pay charges for service that you want to subscribe. Service charges are given on page 3 of registration form.
5. Mail transaction details of fee submitted. (Here is A/c Details for registration fee submission)
6. Scan both filled pages and mail us at and
7. Get Confirmation from billing dept. and document verification dept.

Where to contact ?
Contact No - 8571034405 / 9468449371

Address - D Elite Info-tech, Street. 2, Jeevan Vihar Sonipat, Haryana - 131001
Near Maharaja Agrasen chowk

Email -

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us.$_tawk_popout=true

D Elite Soft Complaints

D Elite Soft Complaints

D Elite Soft Complaints

Welcome to D Elite Soft Complaints section. Here we discuss about D Elite Soft Complaint policies.
Therefore there is no genuine complaint about D Elite Soft yet, still we are aware of scams in Data Entry outsourcing industry.

What is D Elite Soft ?

Ans. D Elite Soft is a informational consultancy. Our work is to provide information of available projects of Govt. and Non-Govt. Sectors. D Elite Soft is not a Data Entry work/Home based job provider. But you can apply through us by agreeing to pay our royalty from every billing.

we received many calls that some companies/consultancy cheating peoples by taking huge money as upfront charges or consultancy charges. so we clearly mention that D Elite Soft Never asked for any upfront/consultancy charge in advance for any project/process. D Elite soft deduct consultancy charge from your payment.

Introduction to "Direct to Client" service.

D Elite Soft always one step ahead to prevent scams in Data Entry service. So we are introducing our Direct to Client service. In this service we provide you direct details of end client. Using these details you can directly contact with end client. You don't need to pay any consultancy or royalty charge to any one. To subscribe this service call 08571034405.

Some people explaining D Elite Soft as a home based job provider/data entry work provider. But unfortunately this is not true. We do not provide home based job neither data entry work. D Elite Soft is an informational service provider consultancy. You can directly apply for any process and we  also give facility to apply through us. If you apply through us you need to pay our royalty from your every billing. You can take direct client detail to direct apply through our "Direct to Client" Service.

Some important things you must have to know about D Elite Soft

D Elite soft is a Consultancy service provider.

D Elite soft have connection with companies that outsource their own work i.e. Data Entry Project, Call Center Process.

D Elite Soft don't take any guarantee of process/project approval. Approval for any project is totally depends on your company profile.  You can apply directly, to get direct client details subscribe to our "Direct to Client" service at just 12750/- Per Year.

D Elite Soft never ask for any advance payment to approve your project.

D Elite Soft is not providing on site training. We only provide online training.

There is 1 Complaint on internet about D Elite Soft. As D Elite Soft provide only informational service. There is no relevance of that complaint with our work. Someone who didn't got approved from end client. Almost 90% companies don't know the procedure of getting real/direct/genuine process. They think that work can get by paying some upfront/consultancy charge. But who ever took project with this procedure certainly get stuck in accuracy or you can say not get any payment back. And they describe that company as a fraud. Our work is to provide information about those companies who offered there work publicly and there will be no upfront/consultancy charges. You only need to apply for that. You can apply directly or you can apply through us. Our charges are only for application and information sharing service. These charges we are taking not for give guaranty of process approval. We do not provide any work, sample, SLA or payment from our side. So if you pay any amount to direct client or third party than D Elite Soft or Deepak rana will not take any responsibility. We know that some scammer are afraid of D Elite Soft because we are fighting against scams in Data Entry Outsourcing industry.


If you find any complaint against D Elite soft You are requested to inform us. If You have any Question Feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

We are improving our services If you have any issue with D Elite Soft Kindly let us know so we can solve it.

You Can

Call us at - +91-9468449371

E-Mail us at -

Update :- All process showing on our portal are not available kindly contact on 9468449371/8571034405 for inquiry about available process.

One thing you all have to know that you need to send Application/Proposal to get process. There is no direct process available by only paying some amount. And it's very difficult to find vendor of genuine process in this scammy market. So get direct details and go directly. This service will make you know how real procedure works.

Kindly read our updated terms and condition before paying any charges.

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us. 

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D Elite Soft Vision

D Elite Soft Vision
D Elite Soft Vision

D Elite Soft is a simplified online portal for Govt. and Non-govt tenders, RFP (Request For Proposal), Onsite Data Entry, Scanning, Digitization and manpower providing projects related information. D Elite Soft not provide any work from its end. Any company/firm/individual first have to apply for the project. Confirmation of project depends on last date of application invitation. Normally It may take 10 to 15 days or as per tender/project terms, to update your application status. 

Now D Elite Soft also give you facility to contact end client before apply for the process in our "Direct to Client" service. In this service we will provide you Direct Tender Document / Request for Proposal document or any other document released by respected department to invite Application. We provide all these facilities because we want you to enjoy scam free business.

From the starting of D Elite Data Entry Projects my vision was very clear against scams in data entry. In last financial year D Elite Data Entry Project prevent many peoples from being cheated. But it is also true that many peoples lost there money in scams because they delayed in contacting with us. And many people don't want to go with genuine procedure.

My name is Deepak and I am managing D Elite Data Entry projects. My first priority is always tell the truth that how anyone can get direct and genuine process. D Elite Data Entry Project is working with a vision that I want to share with you all.

Vision of D Elite Data Entry Projects :-

1. D Elite Soft always provide direct, genuine and transparent information.

2. D Elite Soft always tell truth of procedure and services to every one.

3. D Elite Soft will send application of every eligible company that is registered with us for every available project. If you give us opportunity.

4. D Elite Soft will also provide work from direct vendors. So our registered members have more opportunity to start immediate work.

5. D Elite Soft will definitely provide work to all registered members. (How much time it will take doesn't matter)

6. D Elite Soft will also help entrepreneur to grow instantly.

These are main focus of D Elite Soft.

Why I've shared this vision ?
From the first day of starting D Elite Soft I have a clear mind set of providing truthful information to everyone. In previous time period some people didn't got approval for project. And one of them promulgated online complaint to prove our services fake and fraud.

But truth can not be denied. In our transparent service you can track every step of your application procedure or D Elite Soft will share direct project details with you and you can apply directly.

Motive of sharing my vision is to give confidence to everyone who is reading this web page that D Elite Soft is always in your help to get genuine and direct work. If you connected with us than no need to worry about scams.

I hope this vision will help you to find your destination to get genuine work for your business. If you have any query feel free to contact me on 08571034405 between 10 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday or mail at


What Do You Know About D Elite Soft ?

What Do You Know About D Elite Soft
What Do You Know About D Elite Soft

Important Links that you need to read before apply for any process.
1. Everything that you need to know about D Elite.
2. How to Avoid Scam in Data Entry.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Just visit our office and start the procedure.

There are many companies/consultancies in India who provide Data Entry, BPO, KPO and other computer related work by taking upfront/security charges. But in 80% cases who work for them did not get there first payment. Only 15% working companies are able to get first payment and rest of 5% companies work terminated after getting 2nd or 3rd payment.Because of Money circulation scheme like social trade dot biz.

D Elite Soft is not a Pay per click program as, We help startups to understand and follow the genuine procedure of e-tendring, or getting direct project.

Why this happen ?
Because almost 95% work provider companies give same data to everyone with difficult accuracy criteria. That is not achievable. If you connect more companies to them than you will get some payment. This is called money circulation.

What is the solution ?
Only way to get genuine work is getting direct projects/tenders from direct organization. Suppose you are interested in BSNL work than its better search and apply for work from direct BSNL not from any Pvt. Ltd. Third Party Company.

How D Elite can help ?
D Elite is an informational consultancy by nature of business. We do not provide work from our side. We search for direct tenders/projects from reputed org. You can get direct tender/project information from D Elite. We also help you to apply for the projects. We can provide full support and guidelines for application procedure.

What can I do to get direct Project/Tender?
There are two ways to get direct projects/tenders.

1. Get direct document of project/tender and contact/apply directly (We can provide direct tender/project details at very reasonable price 12750/- for one year and unlimited direct details)

2. Register and apply with help of D Elite. In this procedure you only need to pay our support charges and provide your documents. Rest of procedure will be handled by our expert, you will be guided throughout the whole application procedure. We also provide support via remote computer like Team viewer, All the procedure will be done on your computer

You are here because you are looking for data entry projects, BPO projects or home based work. I know that you are eager to start genuine data entry work. You may be already paid to some company or you may be new in this industry. Who ever you are I will help you to get some genuine process. But before that you need to know something about D Elite Soft. There are some assumption of peoples about D Elite Soft. Here I will try to clear all your doubts.

Every person who call me first time at 8571034405 ask to provide some genuine data entry projects and also want to know the full procedure. So here I want to mention some important points. I will also share some pros and cons of choosing D Elite Soft.

Benefits of choosing D Elite Data Entry Projects :-

1. D Elite Data Entry Project never ask for upfront charges to provide project.

2. D Elite Provide direct client details.

3. Applicant can contact end client before sending application.

4. D Elite have very transparent policy.

5. Application can be tracked online. Because it will be sent directly from your computer.

6. Total transparency in every service.

7. Best business in lowest investment.

Policies and Work of D Elite Soft

- D Elite Soft is not a Pyramid or Multilevel marketing program. We are an informational service provider.

- D Elite Soft can provide you direct documents for information about end client in Direct to Client Service.

- Your selection for process is totally depend on your documents/number of applicants and on End Client. End client reserve the right of reject any application without giving any reason.

- In third party process you need to clear all your doubts before starting the process.

- D Elite Soft is not liable for any payment made to third party/end client to start the work .

- D Elite Soft is not liable for any expense made to start work i.e. Purchasing of systems, infrastructure or employment.

- We can also provide you direct client details at just 12750/- for continues one year.

Important :- I've found this message on care4customer website :
D Elite Soft is a genuine data entry job??? or just another internet scam like Real Data Jobs or Sms data working????
Well it really looks like another scam to me, you have to pay 1000 for registration and 2050 application fee! Probably D Elite Soft will disappear afterwards….
Need your opinions people!

Here I want to say D Elite Soft is not a data entry job nor a sms data working Company. D Elite Soft is an informational service provider and I am working to provide information of direct and genuine tenders. You can direct apply for these projects. D Elite Soft will provide you direct client details at very reasonable price only 12750/-.

Our first time registration charge is just 5900/- for 2 months service, if you want to apply for any process than you need to pay document sharing fee and support fee if required. So if you think that D Elite Soft is a data entry job or sms job providing company than kindly ignore us.

We provide information and direct signup facility with end client.

Procedure of D Elite Data Entry Project :-

To take any project you need to follow signup procedure. After registration with us below given procedure will be followed by D Elite Data Entry Project.
1. We provide direct document of available project/tender released from concern department.
2. Registration on e-tendring portal if required.
3. Upload your company documents.
4. Pay security fee if any. (This fee will be paid by applicant directly to concern department).
5. Mail/post application along with required documents within Asked time.
6. Or upload all documents along with payment details (If online application invited)
7. Selection procedure from end client.
8. Confirmation about approval status, or you have to remain available at time of approval.
9. Sign agreement/SLA/MOU or Work contract will be provided to you.
10. Start live work.

This is how actual procedure works. D Elite Soft will guide you throughout the whole procedure.

 We are not a "Pay and Start" service provider. If you are in hurry than thousand of work provider available in India. You can take work from them but they never provide direct client details. Or you can follow our genuine procedure with direct client information.

For any question check our FAQ's or mail your queries at

How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

How to Start Genuine Data Entry Work

Important Links that you need to read before apply for any process.
1. Everything that you need to know about D Elite.
2. How to Avoid Scam in Data Entry.
3. Terms and conditions.
4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Recently I've talked with many people who already took work from some companies but does not succeed to get payment of that work. This is all because you are not directly tie up with work provider. But D Elite Data Entry Project give you direct details of client even before apply for the process in our "Direct to Client" service. We understand your requirement. And we give 100% satisfaction by following procedure :-

1. Educate about real procedure of getting work : 
First of all you need to know that we do not provide "Pay and Start" service. To get the work first off all we need to find suitable project/process/work contract/RFP according to your company profile. After that you can apply directly or we can apply on your behalf. Than approval comes and your work start. This procedure can take 10-15 days. So if you are reading this information and want to take our services than kindly understand this procedure.

2. Selection of project to apply.
3. Apply within given time with full documents.
4. Confirm status of approval.
5. Complete Sign up/ Work Contract formalities.
6. Now you are live with work.
7. Billing confirmation from client end.
8. Pay royalty.

There are so many peoples who lost there money in fake works and fake procedure. But now D Elite Soft will provide you direct information of source of work. You can now get direct document at a very reasonable price 12,750/- for one year.

Here are some FAQ's (Must Read)

Who is eligible for this  work. ?
Only registered firms/Companies with proper registration documents are eligible to apply.

What I have to do to get confirm work ?
You need to follow our registration procedure

I  am a new subscriber and want to join D Elite Soft. How much I have to pay in Starting ?
New subscriber need to join with new registration procedure. New subscriber need to pay Rs. 5900/- service charge including GST in our Company A/c.

I have 10-15 systems but my firm is not registered what I need to do ?
If you really want to proceed in data entry/ BPO sector than you must have to register your firm first. Because we are now approaching with only direct organizations and they give work only to registered firms.

What is the proof of D Elite Soft genuineness ?
I am attaching direct document of Bank of Baroda available project. You can check authentication on given contact details in this document. In case your document are not sufficient for this process no need to worry. I just given this document so you can check our authentication. We will provide best process according to your documents. 

Whatever D Elite Soft says but I am no more interested in your services ?

That's fine, but here is my personal suggestion if you don't want to continue in data entry or BPO sector than best of luck for your future. But if you really want to try some other service provider than do it carefully because many people lost there money and time because in 80% cases there is no payment after work. People have to pay salary and rent from there own pocket. Main reason is that no service or work provider share direct source of work details with you.

NOTE:- D Elite Soft has a very clear concept to avoid scams in data entry field. We provide direct information of end client for your satisfaction. Our procedure is long and time taking but genuine things always take time. If your company profile is strong, you don't need to wait.

Choice is yours come with us or waste your money and time in fake processes. 

For Address and contact details click here

Eligibility to Get Direct Work

This is a must read information for new startup. You must qualify the eligibility criteria to get direct tender/projects.

Because of Data Entry/BPO scams all over India many people thinks that they can start Data Entry or BPO/Call center project just by paying some amount.

Almost 98% who paid and started work from Third Party companies or individuals never got payment for work. Because those work frauds and provided by fraud companies to gain individual benefits. For a actual and genuine work there are always eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled to get the work.

This is a direct message to readers of this web page, if you are interested in our service and want to start a genuine business than you need to provide below mentioned documents. Don,t worry if you don't have these documents, we will guide you to complete these documentation part. Just register with us and get start to achieve your business goal.

A Class 2 or Class 3 DSC (Digital signature is must required for E-tendering). We provide class 2 DSC at just Rs. 1500/-.

Basic requirements to enroll with us and get direct project?(Actual requirement can change as per tender/project)

1. Must have a registered entity like Partnership/proprietorship/LLP/Pvt. Ltd./OPC Or Limited company.

2. Minimum Class 2 digital signature.

3. PAN card of firm.

4. ITR of previous Year, Fresher can also participate.

5. DOT license to apply for call center.

6. Previous experience/Work order/SLA.

NOTE :- Any fresher who don't have these document can also be register with us. We will provide full help and guideline in documentation and other requirements.

How to proceed Further - Just call 8571034405.

Peoples who are looking for home based job can join our online advertisement program or technical support executive. All you need sound computer and internet knowledge and your personal ID proofs.

How to register :-

1. Download Registration Form.
2. First of all take printout of page 1 and page 2 (You can send filled soft copy word file)
3. Fill all fields with blue pen. Watch specimen copy for instructions on page 4.
4. Pay charges for service that you want to subscribe. Service charges are given on page 3 of registration form.
5. Mail transaction details of fee submitted. (Here is A/c Details for registration fee submission)
6. Scan both filled pages and mail us at and
7. Get Confirmation from billing dept. and document verification dept.


Kindly read our updated terms and condition before paying any charges.

If you have any Query Feel Free to check our frequently asked questions. or contact us.

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